NYSSMA Winter Conference Rochester December 6, 2013

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ABSTRACT:  A concert/lecture session to help instrumental teachers build ensembles to challenge students based on the NYS Standards that will include many different genres, new ideas and concepts.

Silverwood Clarinet Choir (www.silverwoodclarinet.com), a clarinet choir made up of music educators and free- lance musicians, proposes the following session to help instrumental teachers create an ensemble to challenge their clarinetists.  The concepts presented can be applicable to all instrumental ensembles.

A concert/lecture session will be presented to teachers and students that will give teachers the tools to create an ensemble as an extra rehearsal or in a lesson group.  It will give the students a challenging, exciting and yet entertaining venue based on all four New York State Standards for the Arts.

Standard #1:  Performing and Participating is important for all instrumental students.  This session will present works that can be performed by all students – from the beginner to the advanced.  Many styles of music will be presented – from arrangements of well- known orchestral and band works to pieces written especially for the clarinet choir to popular and jazz works that will appeal to the teacher, the students and the audience.  Sources for the music will be discussed – from free to reasonably priced music to fit the school budget.

Standard #2:  Many schools have larger instruments that are underutilized.  Students can participate in different roles as the alto clarinet player, the bass clarinet player and when available, the Eb sopranino or contra alto and contrabass player.  Playing choir music can be done as an extra ensemble or even as a lesson group.  Learning techniques and understanding various roles for balance would be excellent student objectives.

Standard #3:  There is a great deal of diverse literature available for the clarinet choir so students will be able to respond and analyze many different styles.  This will give them more exposure to a wide variety of music so teachers will find it easier than in a bigger ensemble.  The literature comes from so many time periods that connections to the students studies in Social Studies can be team taught with an academic colleague.

Standard #4:  Silverwood Clarinet Choir will perform music that is composed or arranged by composers and arrangers from the United States, Australia, Austria,Belgium, England, Romania, Peru and the Netherlands to name just some of the cultural influences on the current literature.  With the advent of Internet access and long distance learning, many of these musicians are available to give the teachers and students advice about their works.  The students will find corresponding with musicians will help them understand how important the arts are all over the world.


We will have handouts for the teachers that will include practical advice on building an ensemble (applicable to all instruments) based on the standards and a repertoire list, sources of music, and a list of clarinet choirs around the world.  Each teacher will have our email so that we can be of assistance in the future.  #SilverwoodCC