Sources of Ensemble Music (from NYSSMA clinic handouts)

Sources of Ensemble Music

Looking beyond the well know publishers and distributors

The Internet opens up a whole new world of possibilities when looking for music scores.  Most of the sources listed offer music for a wide variety of instruments and ensemble combinations.  A little time searching the Internet and networking can help you discover some great music.  We receive some music in Adobe pdf format and some hard copy.   You will find some small publishing/distribution houses; a growing number of arrangers and composers are setting up their own websites for purchasing their music.  It is always great to find good music on and other free sites!  Following are suppliers that are not as well-known as JW Pepper, Sheet Music Plus, Hal Leonard, etc.  Some suppliers may not take P.O.’s and you may have to be creative to purchase from them.

Free-Scores:   Free

The Clarinet Institute:  Free

IMSLP:   Free

Alry Publications:

Alliance Publications:

The Sheet Music Store:

Potenza Music:

Luyben Music:

Jeanne Publications:

June Emerson:

Reynard Music:

Bronsheim Music:


Art of Cibulka, Symphonic Music:

AMB Clarinet:

Six Brothers Media:

Dario Giner Climent, email request for music to:

Piet Jeegers:

Scores for Study:

Woodwind Composer’s Database:

Stanton’s Sheet Music:


One comment on “Sources of Ensemble Music (from NYSSMA clinic handouts)

  1. david says:

    Hi everyone, you have another web page for clarinet. with ensemble scores (free & legal), camber music, clarinet -piano, methods and much more. This web page is in spanish language (nobody is perfect).

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