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THIS BLOG IS TO STIMULATE COMMUNICATIONS BETWEEN CLARINETISTS. Post your question and comments and we will look for answers.  #SilverwoodCC


7 comments on “Clarinet’s Blog

  1. Ken says:

    News for #iplaytheclarinet contacts, please follow our Blog and leave comments, questions and answers to other’s questions. #SilverwoodCC

  2. Enjoy a Troy University Public Radio broadcast of the Silverwood Clarinet Choir, the Kansai Basset horn Trio and the Lisbon Clarinet Quartet. It gives the broad range of the clarinet family.

  3. Alry Publications has many arrangements for clarinets and other ensembles. Visit them at:

  4. Here is a nice accumulation of a wide variety of general, basic clarinet information:

  5. Silverwood says:

    A great source of scores and recorded music is The Clarinet Instituite of Los Angeles at:

  6. Silverwood says:

    ClarinetFest 2013 – July 24-28, 2013 in Assisi, Italy. Visit the International Clarinet Association at

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